Emily Ratajkowski Blasts Sexism and Misogyny, Reveals She Herself Fell Victim to the Ideas

The Dolce & Gabbana and Versace ex-model has recently showed up a lot on the litst of the most fascinating women.Starting her carrier of swimear production,Inamorata, in 2017 wich frequently appears on her social media by posting seductive pictures of herself.

Emily Ratajkowski has express her dissent to sexism and misogyny which she had fallen victim of it in GQ’s June issue interview.

“I remember in an interview I gave years ago, I had mentioned I liked reading and in the piece the journalist explained how he went home and his girlfriend said to him, ‘Do you think she’s really read all those books?’ I mean, that’s sexist! Nowadays someone would call that out”, said Ratakowski.”

“because she was so sexy, because she had that body”.That what the young model said expression her admiration to Demi Moore
“It just goes to show how deeply internalised misogyny is”, she deplored.
“I think, for me, the way I use my image and as a model and capitalise off of it has been very much about survival, rather than a representation of who I am”. that what Emily said, who showed up in David Fincher’s Gone Girl and who turned into a political activist ,expressiong that that her image is not a true representation of herself.
Coronavirus ,quarantine and #stayathome compain have helped her to write a new book.

“The best writing I do is as I’m falling asleep. I take notes on my phone and I will write down anecdotes on a topic. I’ll just write them as they come; a flow of consciousness. And then usually I will look at them the next morning and, hopefully, some of it will make sense. Then I do a lot of really bad writing, where I basically fill out each of those sentences I took down as notes and hate myself. I’ll be like, ‘Oh, this is terrible! What are you doing with your life?’ But I will get to a rough draft. The next day I go back and read through and realise some of it isn’t actually too bad. I’ll line edit, rebuild paragraphs, and reorder the structure. It’s a constant beating; exhausting and totally unrewarding, but I love it”, Ratajkowski said.