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Coronavirus Changed the Online Dating Game for the Better

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It’s true. Being locked in our homes for significant amounts of time has tested every aspect of our lives – including our social lives. Many companies were able to quickly adapt to a new way of remote living and have developed tools to help people connect with each other while staying safe. But how has this trend extended to the dating industry?

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Since coronavirus has become a factor, apps have taken over the dating world and became more appealing than ever. Many are praising the extra steps of video chatting with your potential date before meeting them face to face to ensure safety and avoid scams and fakes. In addition, apps like Bumble and Tinder have reportedly seen a 21% increase in messages sent, with the majority of engagement being most active in mid-March.

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Throwing Social Dating Rules Out The Window

How many stories have you heard of about people quarantining with someone they’ve met only once or twice? And a few months down the line, things seem to be still going okay for them, right? Self-isolation has definitely made people in the dating world take bigger risks than they normally would. In a world full of unofficial social rules people should follow when they meet someone for the first time, dating in the future might erase those once and for all. Who says when you should move in with someone? And who says you shouldn’t talk more before jumping in a relationship?

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Since coronavirus, having a Netflix party with a glass of wine and chatting to your new potential bae has quickly become the way to go in the online dating world. This trend has raised a lot of questions about the future of virtual dating. The technology, which could enable full-sensory virtual dating, will be fully available in 25 years. You could easily meet someone online before meeting them face-to-face, which would completely change the dating game, especially for couples in a long-distance relationship. Many are suspecting that this new way of dating will remain even once the virus is gone.

Slow-developing Relationships Are Also On The Rise

Numerous dating apps have reported that the ‘getting to know you’ stage is lasting longer than ever. This is completely shifting the current dating game, where many people have taken it to the next stage by the third date. However, introducing slow dating and chatting more has proven to be beneficial for both parties. That’s because generally, while romantic love happens faster, developing deep and meaningful attachments take more time. The pandemic enabled us to get to know someone on a much deeper level.

The pandemic is also changing the matrimony timeline. Falling in love quickly and getting married fast is a goal for many. But several studies have pointed that the later into your relationship you marry, the more stable your marriage will actually be. A study that focused on 3,000 married people in the US stated that dating for three years or more leads to fewer breakups and divorces. The current state of online dating helps us develop those deeper connections that give the relationship a deeper meaning. Many dating experts have predicted that the currently lengthened process of talking to someone before meeting them could have positive outcomes and create a happier and more enduring partnership.

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